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The Great Toy Cull

Okay so I came across one of those funny memes today. We all know the ones that pop up when we are scrolling through Facebook aimlessly and bring that little and slightly crooked smile to our face. This of course is only after we have finally sat down on the couch for the night. You know the feeling, kids have finally been bathed and put to bed after numerous demands for "5 more minutes", your feet are aching and there are still toys from one end of the house to the other. You eye off each toy with an ache in the stomach reminiscing on the numerous amount of times you asked said little one to put it back in their room this week.

Okay so back to the funny meme:

'When your kid complains they can't find their toy and you have to act shocked like you didn't throw it out in the great toy cull of 2017".

I smiled secretly and yes crookedly of course because this is something that I may or may not do on a regular basis.

Now don't you go and look down on me as we have all done this plenty of times, right??? Well so I thought.

Anyway moving on from this thing that I may or may not have done weekly since my two kids were born, I mentioned this funny little meme to my girlfriend tonight and she mentioned that there was in fact a less cruel and way more rewarding way to make this happen. Okay so maybe I'm not being nominated for mum of the year 2017.

My girlfriend explained that she sits down with her her little boy every few months (usually leading up to events such as Easter, birthdays and Christmas) and super patiently i assume, asks him to select the toys he would like to give to the children that might not have all of the toys he is so lucky to have.

So not only is my girlfriend teaching her son the true gift of giving and sharing but she also makes this her way of making sure the toys leave the building. So unlike my routine of quickly shoving toys in the bin when my kids aren't looking and hope they don't realize in the morning there may be a smarter way.

Do with this what you will, I however am going to try this potentially kinder and more honest approach to the great toy cull.

Thanks J.

Love Alana XX

P.s still taking nominations for mum of the year.

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