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What to Expect

Sweet Baby Hunter came for his newborn shoot today and totally rocked it!

~ Hunter ~

Assistant Paula McDonald

What to expect during your childs newborn photography session:

When you arrive, I will most likely take your baby from the car seat and undress him/her. If your little one wakes up hungry, I will allow you to feed to get a nice full belly. With the poses I do, a sleeping baby is required. I will never place your baby in an unsafe position just to get a pose. Your baby’s safety is the MOST important thing to me.

Once baby has feed I will often ask that you (mom) allow me to take over. Babies can smell moms and may not sleep well. Remember the Session can take anywhere from 1-2 Hours (or sometimes longer) and the studio will be very hot.

I always aim to take many different setups of your baby during the session using props etc. However please remember that every baby is different and we may not be able to do everything you are after.

Please understand that sibling shots and poses are not guaranteed as siblings are not always willing to co-operate and your babies safety if the most important to me.

Just a few tips to get you on your way.

See you soon lovelies

Love Alana X

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