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Baby Name Ideas from Melbourne's Best Newborn Photographer

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Okay where to start......

Yes there are lists for lists but sometimes those lists become a little overwhelming. I decided to collate some of my top tips for choosing the perfect baby name.

  • Can it stand the test of time? Trends are great but being on trend is usually short lived so consider names that have lasted over more than one decade. I have no judgement but if naming your child after a piece of fruit is your jam will consider how popular it will be when that child is 50.

  • I guess one of the most important factors is how it sounds with your last name, weirdly some people forget this and I think its kind of important.

  • Popularity, look there are some names that every one jumps on but are you happy with your child being known with the last name initial part of the first name. If you are, cool but give it some thought.

  • Meanings? It is nice to have a beautiful meaning behind your name. My daughter Millie means "gentle strength" and that is an understatement! LOL My best-friend names her baby "Ari" his names means courageous lion and his star sign is also leo.

  • How does the name sound among the other names in the family?

  • Choose a name that both parents love, make sure you are not talking each other into it. Its important to both be in love with the name

  • Nicknames!! So this is one point that I thought about ALOT. My daughters name Millie is often an abbreviation of the name Amelia. I figured she would get Millie anyway which I loved a little more so just chose it as her first name to save the trouble. Only issue now is people try and shorten her name to "Mill" maybe I should of called her Amelia! LOL

  • Give yourself heaps of time, it's good to be prepared and have 1 or 2 choices, as they say you will know once you meet your little one what names suits.

With that being said, it is a huge job that comes with great responsibility. Have fun as it is a super exciting time and trust me once you find the name it all just falls in place.

Here are some links to some top sites for Idea's For Boy and Girl Baby Names

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