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Covid-19 Virus Update and what it means for Alana Taylor Photography

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

More info about what this all means for Alana Taylor Photography and your session.

- I have been forced to shut my studio doors and it is Illegal for me to be doing sessions

- I am not closing my business. At this time, I am just hitting the pause button. The physical building that my family and I built with our bare hands, that we planned for, saved for and that I operate out of, will temporarily close its doors to the public. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to put these measures in place to protect my family and your precious newborns and babies

- If you have a session booked with me for the next 2 months. Consider is “postponed"

What this means is that once this is over, we will be contacting you and you will be our #1 priority to reschedule your session. If you do not want to reschedule straight away that is fine. Your deposit is valid for 1 year from today.

- Please Note - when I mention reschedule you dont have to book for the same type of session you originally booked in for. For example you may have booked in for a Newborn session but you can transfer to a baby or cake smash session. Or maybe you booked in for a cake smash and we can do a baby shoot instead. Its up to you and I will work with you to arrange this if needed. But in saying this Cake smash sessions are still fun when babies are older!

- Do not ask for a refund of booking fee, regardless of Covid-19 all booking fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. I am in no position to be able to refund these both myself and my partner have lost our jobs and we have zero income. Its just not possible. Like mentioned above we will reschedule a shoot once restriction are lifted.

- I will be monitoring the situation closely and be in touch with my May-June clients if I feel their sessions will impacted

- I can take bookings for June onwards but will not be taking any deposits until after this virus calms down.

- I will not be issuing gift vouchers or taking payments of any kind as of today

- Anyone who has an outstanding order with me, will be contacted directly with instructions of how to collect, what to expect, delays (if any) etc.

- Please be kind. I am a Wife, a Mum and a small business owner. I ask for your kindness and humanity through this. I ask that you trust the process. I ask that you don’t assume I will disappear, I ask that you not be disappointed when you cant do your session, I ask that you not contact me to express your disappointment with my decision to close the studio. I AM ALREADY DISAPPOINTED.

I HAVE BEEN CRYING. I AM ALREADY FEELING IT. I AM ALREADY SO SO SAD. So please show me kindness. And I ask that you show each and every business owner who has had to make these awful hard decisions the same kindness. I ask that you show strangers some kindness… because we all need it right now.

- If you have a concern, please email me: Contact Alana

- Lastly I want to thank you. Thank you to everyone for their support. Its truly a horrible situation.

Stop your daily routine, stop seeing people in a social setting, stop going to work where you can and lets fight this together through isolation and we will come out the other side stronger and ready to tackle anything that is thrown at us.

This has just made me HUNGRY for success, hungry to start again, hungry to work even harden when I return and kick butt big time!

I will still be posting lots of beautiful babies to help spread some love and light on a daily basis. I have lots of gorgeous photos from past sessions that I never had a chance to share so you will still get a daily cuteness fix ❤️

Please be understanding and patient with small businesses at the moment. As you can understand it is very hard to plan for the future in such uncertain and unexpected times and many are hurting.

If you have any questions at all, I'm here just reach out.

Thank you for all the wonderfull support I appreciate it 😘

Stay safe. Stay Healthy. Do the right thing. ❤ Alana Taylor



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