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First year milestone photos

I am not exactly sure when baby milestone card became all the rage but I really do not know one mumma that hasn't done it- especially when it comes to sharing your first year as a parent on your socials. It is important to document those first big developmental milestones, the time goes so fast.

Make sure to add dates to your photograph when printing them.

So how to get started.

  • Pick up some cute milestone cards, my favourites are the little wooden plaques

  • choose a location (this is important- the baby cannot outgrow the space)

  • Choose a time of the day where your little one is settled

  • Nice outfit and clean face

  • Good lighting helps

  • Look.........I do NOT love filters but if you are taking photos on an iPhone they may improve the quality

  • Share them- they are cute as and we all want to see them!

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