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How to take gorgeous photos of your Newborn - Isolation tips.

To all my customers

To all my mummies to be, I’m so sorry that this Covid 19 has taken literally everything away from us. It has taken the opportunity for me Alana Taylor Photography to capture this important milestone in your new babies first few weeks of life. I know how excited you have been for your Newborn Session. I have been too it breaks my heart.

I hope that this post can help you capture special moments with your newborn in the first few week. With the help of this post and some amazing Professional Photographers below you will be able to create your own newborn images from home. There are tips on how to photograph your newborn in home.


– Newborn babies are best captured between 5-14 days old, in order to have calm sleepy shots.

– Older newborn babies over 14 days are way more alert, meaning you will have more awake images captured. Which in my opionion are just as gorgeous!

– Alway give your baby a full feed before you start your shoot. Babies with full bellies will be happy, calm and more sleepy.

– Please make sure you have a read through my Newborn Preparation Guide before the shoot and follow the tips as most will apply to you and will help you prepare and do the session


– I find babies in the morning are the most co-operative, afternoons are a bit hot and miss. - - Make sure you plan for your shoot.

I would suggest doing the session around 10am. Feed your baby, and then allow about 20-40 minutes to allow your baby to settle and fall into a deep sleep.


–  I would suggest finding a room in your home that has the best morning light, this is why the shoot needs to be planned for.

– The rooms generally used are the parents bedroom when taking photos at home of your newborn. The bed usually makes for a great start!

While taking all of these photos of your baby and new family, you may find that Baby will need a break. She/he will stir for a feed, a nappy change or more cuddles to settle them back to sleep.

Please do NOT try to pose baby in any fancy ways that you see from other professionals including myself. Some of my images are 2 images merged together. The most safest pose would be the ones of baby on his/her back.

Also there may be props around your house that you can use as props. Crates etc

Just hang in there! I know that eventually this crazy time will be over and I will once again be able to have you and your family back in the studio

While we are in Isolation I will be happy to help you during your session via video chat or email. Im here to help and will help you in anyway that I can. I would also be happy to edit your images FREE of charge, whether you are taking your images from a DSLR or your phone. This includes basic editing with colours, lighting and cropping.

I also have a spare DSLR that you are more than welcome to borrow for your at home session. You would need to pick it up the day before your session and drop it the day after. This is to give the chance for other customers to use it. If you would like to have a chat about this pleaseget in touch with me

See below some amazing tips from Newborn Photographers on how to conduct your session. If you have any questions please let me know x



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